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     Terms of Use

    Lee E-Commerce LLC corporate culture is an important factor in the company’s success. Central to this Culture is our values: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, and Efficiency. In the marketing of our products and services, Integrity means: 

    1. “To comply with laws, regulations and good business practices”

    We are committed to ethical sales & marketing practices that meet the standards set by external regulations & codes of practices, in particular

    • All laws and regulations dealing with marketing practices

    • All applicable global, regional and local industry codes relevant for our business

    • Privacy of customer or consumer information and data protection

    2. “To be honest and reliable”

    We are committed to accurate and scientifically substantiated communication, in particular

    • Clarity: no misleading statements

    • Accuracy: all advertising to undergo internal review for accuracy & compliance

    • Transparency: evaluation of risks and proper information about any risk associated to our products in accordance with industry practices and relevant requirements

    • Consistency of information irrespective of form and forum (E.g. press information, social media, and customer letter)

    • Good ethical behavior and transparent business practices

    3. “To listen attentively and communicate appropriately”

    We are committed to openness and transparency, in particular

    • Transparent product information

    • Implementation of efficient, reliable internal management systems

    • Responsible interaction with all stakeholders groups

    • Transparent lobbying activities

    • Collect feedback and consider outside views

    4. “To care about people, safety and the environment”

    We are committed to implementation and monitoring of procedures, systems and

    Processes, in particular

    • Assess risks: regularly review marketing business operations to assure the highest quality of our products and services as well as safeguarding people and the environment

    • Prevent: training in order to help employees understand laws and regulations as well as internal rules

    • Act: corrective actions where required and transparent reporting on reassessments

    • Change: adapt (including restrict) marketing of products to the extent required by risk assessments

    This Policy is valid for Lee- Ecommerce LLC and all Group companies that apply to all marketing activities and sales activities. Additional regulations of the Group companies provide more detailed information and guidance on industry-specific issues and internal management systems.